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Table 1 Example 1*

From: Teachers and teacher aides initiating five-year-olds into science

346 SC Now, you're going to click in the squares which photos you took. Click in the little, tiny square till the little tick comes up. Good, that's one. Just how many ticks you did.
347 O Need some more [unclear].
348 SC Okay, have you done that Cara? So, now you're going to go next.
349 C Next.
350 SC Look into that next triangle. That's it. Good girl. Now down … look at it. It’s like a little train. It's downloading the photos; it's downloading the photos into the computer and it's under your name. So, now you're going to go 'next'. Cara's nearly finished downloading. What is that last word. Uh! Cara's doing it. What is that word, Cara? What does it start with, Cara?
  1. *Please note that in the transcripts SC = teacher Sara and ME = Mrs Edgar. Other initials refer to the names of children. All names given are pseudonyms.