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Table 15 Exchange 13: Cycle functions and activity phases

From: Analysing pedagogic discourse: an approach from genre and register

  Spkr Exchange Phases Specify Cycle functions Activity phases
1 T So what we're going to do now is write our own explanation, making sure that we remember about the sequence of steps. Prepare preview activity specify activity Focus:
2 T So Mert, do you want to come up on the smartboard and write the heading for us in the middle. Just write 'The Water Cycle'. Direct scribing write title specify writing task
  S1 [scribes 'The Water Cycle'] Scribe    
3 T So we're going to follow the same pattern in our writing as the text that we've just read. Prepare review genre specify activity  
   We need to have the same introduction, identify what it is we're going to talk about, move through the steps, and finish it with a conclusion.   structure   
  T How about Peter? Can you come up and start the first sentence please? Direct scribing   
4 T We're going to start with 'water'. Focus item start first sentence Task:
  S3 ‘moving' Propose item
  T It's moving. OK, good. Affirm repeat
5 T What does it do? I can't say 'water moving', can I? We've got to change the word. Focus structure complete sentence  
  S4 'keeps on' Propose structure   
  T We could say 'keeps on moving'. So yep 'keeps on'. Affirm repeat   
  T So Peter, if you can write up, 'Water keeps on'. Direct scribing   
  S2 [scribes 'Water keeps on'] Scribe    
  T 'Water keeps on' What is it keeping on doing? Focus item   
  S5 'moving' Propose item   
  T keeps on moving' Affirm repeat   
  S2 [scribes 'moving'] Scribe