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Table 6 Teacher talk that promotes association between text and images

From: Supporting new arrival students’ engagement with picture books: analysis of teacher talk using the appraisal theory

Interactant Message Transcript
T 447 He wanted the sheep for his food
  448 but the man who owns the sheep came along
  449 and said no you can’t take my sheep
  450 I’m going to call the policemen
  451 because you are stealing my sheep
  452 and you’re not allowed to steal my sheep
  453 it’s against the law
  454 I won’t let you steal my sheep
  455 The man is called the squatter
  456 He has lots of sheep
  457 he owns lots of sheep
  458 but he said no the swagman can’t take my sheep
  (Messages 460 – 470 omitted)  
  471 So can you see the farmer?
SS 472 Yeah
T 473 Squatter
SS 474 Yeah
T 475 Can you see the policemen?
SS 476 Yeah
T 477 Now in the song they’re called another name
  478 who is in here
  (Messages 479 – 483 omitted)  
  484 [[Up came the troopers]]
SS 485 [[Up came the troopers]]
T 486 The policemen are called the troopers