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Table 7 Teacher talk that brings student awareness to language and grammatical elements

From: Supporting new arrival students’ engagement with picture books: analysis of teacher talk using the appraisal theory

Interactant Message Transcript
T 256 What did the question ask about the Moon?
  257 Are there
SS 258 Are there mountains on the Moon?
T 259 How do we know that’s a question S4?
T 263 The way the words are written gives us a clue
  264 It says Are there
  265 So that’s a good way to begin a question are there or is there
  266 What else that you can think of that shows it’s a question?
S 267 Moon
T 268 Something about the punctuation
S10 269 Question…
T 270 The question… ((mark))
SS 271 ((mark))
T 272 When we ask a question and we’re writing it down,
  273 we use that special question mark that goes at the…
  274 Where does it go?
S 275 The end of the…
T 276 The end of the question
  277 Some of the words will help us know it’s a question
  278 because of how they begin Are there