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Table 2 Subcategories of normality

From: Reworking the appraisal framework in ESL research: refining attitude resources

Subcategories of normality Polarity Lexical instantiations Instances of normality
Fortune +ve may mắn Nhiều khi mình rộng rãi một tí thì em thấy… mình cũng may mắn hơn, em tin vào điều đấy.
lucky Sometimes when we are a bit (more) generous, we will be much luckier , I believe so.
+ve lucky But you know I’m quite lucky that I haven’t have to face with the very big problems with other people, yeah, so it’s very small things.
Reputation +ve cấp cao …chỉ cần liên hệ với giám đốc công ty đã khó nói gì đến 1 vị quan chức cấp cao như thế.
high-ranking …it’s already difficult to contact a manager of a company, not to mention such a high-ranking official.
+ve important In the interview, I also got very important person from the council.
+ve famous He is a famous supervisor and a very busy man.
Behaviour (customary behaviours) +ve chung Khi mà vợ mình chưa sang ấy thì mình thích trong nhà mình có phụ nữ. Thực ra mình nghĩ đấy là tâm lí chung của mọi nam giới thôi.
common When my wife hadn’t come here yet, I liked to share the accommodation with ladies. Actually I think that is the common way of thinking of every man.
-ve bị hâm Nó đề ra một loạt quy định theo cái kiểu bị hâm.
mentally abnormal He set up a series of rules in a mentally abnormal way.