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Table 3 Mental capacity (mental/cognitive performances and academic/professional skills)

From: Reworking the appraisal framework in ESL research: refining attitude resources


Instances of mental capacity


Trong khi lợi thế của mình học thuộc rất tốt, vì thế cho nên mình chỉ cần tận dụng cái đó mình đi thi thì không thành vấn đề.

While my advantage is learning by heart very well, so I need to make use of it when doing exams then there will be no problems.

Ông giảng rất là hay. Ông ấy giảng về vũ trụ thậm chí ông hiểu biết sâu về Y học, về máy X-quang như thế nào.

He explained very interestingly . He explained about the space, he is even very knowledgeable about Medicine and how the X-ray machine works.

I like this teacher because he’s very intelligent, open-minded and he’s humorous.

I know she’s skillful, yeah, very professional.


Tại vì nó nhiều quá, không thể đọc hết được.

Because there was so much reading, (I) couldn’t read it all.

Đến khi mình không làm thì không nhớ được nữa.

When we don’t do it, we can’t remember it anymore.

My nephew also- I think that my nephews- my kids in my family they don’t have any ability to play music.

If he’s not a real journalist, he cannot teach us how to write an article.