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Table 7 Instances of more delicate sub-categories of quality

From: Reworking the appraisal framework in ESL research: refining attitude resources

Sub-categories Instances of quality
Aesthetics I mean if the house is tidy (…) in that house and a little bit quiet is more preferable, I think so.
Bản thân em thích chỗ nào đấy sạch sẽ, gọn gàng.
I myself like a place (which is) very clean and very tidy.
Appropriateness And the reason for moving I think is quite clear because the first place for me is just temporary so that I can find a suitable place.
Đi tìm rất nhiều những chỗ phù hợp với mình mà lại không thuê đươc.
(I) went to look for many suitable places but I couldn’t rent them.
Effectiveness And another reason is because the outline of the subject is also very clever, also very scientific.
và mình thấy ngay cái hiệu quả luôn của việc nếu anh phát âm đúng.
and I could see immediately the effectiveness of correct pronunciation.
Convenience Because it’s very near my university. It’s very convenient for me to commute.
Mọi thiết bị trong nhà đều tiện lợi.
All the facilities in the house are convenient.