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Table 8 Instances of ‘textual’ complexity

From: Reworking the appraisal framework in ESL research: refining attitude resources

Polarity Instances of ‘textual’ complexity
Positive I always receive a very clear explanation from him.
So the teacher who is a good teacher will give the children the basic knowledge.
Nó có 1 cái quy định rất rõ ràng là người nào, tuần nào dọn.
It has a very clear rule that who does the cleaning and when.
Dạy cho sinh viên cách viết từng thể loại thì sẽ chi tiết hơn.
Teaching students to write in each genre is more detailed .
Negative He always makes the lectures too hard to follow.
Hiểu được sự khác nhau của từng thể loại văn bản báo chí là rất phức tạp.
Understanding the differences in different text types in journalism is really complicated .