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Table 9 Instances other than textual complexity

From: Reworking the appraisal framework in ESL research: refining attitude resources

Polarity Instances other than ‘textual’ complexity
Positive …ở những khu gần trường, cho thuê lại phòng thì dễ hơn.
in places near the uni, sub-leasing rooms is easier.
Negative Basically I’m a music teacher. So it’s different field compare with other. It’s interesting too, but it’s (a) challenge.
Life is hard without a car.
Còn khi vợ sang rồi thì tốt nhất trong nhà chỉ có nam thôi vì cứ có phụ nữ vào thì phức tạp.
But after the wives arrive, it is best that in the house there are only men because it is complicated whenever there are women.