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Table 1 Seven clauses identified with variant consistency

From: Indeterminacy in process type classification

C score Competing Processes Split Clause
60.7 Verbal/Material 11–11 Connors also rejected a proposal by the Bishop’s conference
64.3 Material/Verbal 12–8 They would encourage the growing of problem hedges
68.3 Verbal/Material 15–6 Google does not guarantee placement within these pages
71.4 Material/Relational 16–8 Three priests stood on the platform in front of them
78.6 Verbal/Mental 18–8 Alan agreed with conferees on the need for better communication
92.9 Material/Verbal 25–2 Rebel groups resumed the peace talks within two months
94.6 Mental/Behavioural 25–3 I heard the singing at the start of the game
96.4 Material/Relational 26–2 The council elected a judge for each district
  1. C = Percentage of “Consistency”; Split = number of responses to the two strongest identified processes