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Table 4 Most influential aspect of context per scenario

From: Towards an understanding of contextual features that influence the linguistic formality of British Sign Language users

  Scenario description Influence % of overall response
A Discussing the General Election with friends in a café People 65 %
B Negotiating a pay rise with your boss in their office People 53 %
C Ordering food from a waiter in a restaurant Type 55 %
D Giving a presentation at work to your colleagues about how to book an interpreter Type 69 %
E Telling your boss in the staff room about a restaurant you like Place 47 %
F Instructing a new colleague at work on how to book an interpreter Type 37 %
G Telling a story to your housemates at home about how you got a pay rise People 63 %
H Recommending a restaurant to colleagues in a staff room Place 49 %
I Giving a presentation in a town hall to promote a political party to the public Type 63 %
J Recommending interpreters between friends in a pub People 43 %
K Discussing how to spend council funds with other local community members in a town hall Type 35 %
L Talking to your boss in the pub about your previous experiences when voting Place 57 %