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Table 4 Examples of theme reiteration pattern in the two data sets

From: A multimodal discourse analysis of the textual and logical relations in marketing texts written by international undergraduate students

  Text No. Theme Rheme
Textual Interpersonal Topical  
Students Nura    Alec price strategy is to produce high safety vehicles…
    The other strategy is to counter balance with product development.
Hind    The company can research and develop our product to increase the customer satisfaction.
   Our company will develop the capacity of technology in the style and safety features in our vehicle.
   Amazing car has strong competitive force in the vehicle market,
Zohoy    Currently our total corporate advertising budget is $164 million,
but   the budget will increase in each period after our company upgrade our cars.
Tutor Text 1    These active consumers represent a demographic group of well-educated and successful individuals;
   they are single or married and raising families.
Text 2    Canterbury Renovations understand that the internet is a powerful marketing tool
  so   they are creating a website as an electronic brochure.