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Table 5 Examples of linear Theme pattern in the two data sets

From: A multimodal discourse analysis of the textual and logical relations in marketing texts written by international undergraduate students

  Text No. Theme Rheme
Textual Interpersonal Topical  
Students Nura    Our firm dealer rating of 63 is low compared to competitors as firm C,
   which has the highest rate of 69,
Hind    Alfa car has achieved some advantages in excess of competitors
   which are creating a different point
   that relates to the company.
Zohoy Therefore,   Estruck will focus on the 1T segment
   which consists of Value Seekers.
   Materials cost and labour cost are predicted to increase in period 6,
   which will increase the production cost
and    decrease net income
Tutor Text 1 At the beginning,    there would be ten new logos and five new slogans;
   more would be added later.
   The firm has not yet determined whether it would be beneficial to sell through a major national chain such as REI or Bass Pro Shops,
as   these outlets could be considered competitors.
Text 2    Canterbury renovations staff will all wear a work shirt with the business logo on the left pocket.
   This will identify them as part of Canterbury Renovations
   Canterbury Renovations provides materials such as timber, tiles, paint and plaster as part of their renovations services.
   All of the materials selected will be of the best available quality suitable for the purpose.