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Table 6 Examples of it-clauses in the two data sets

From: A multimodal discourse analysis of the textual and logical relations in marketing texts written by international undergraduate students

  Text Theme Rheme
Theme Rheme Theme Rheme
Textual Topical   Struct. Topical  
Students Nura   It is predicted that the economy will be stable
Also, it is required to increase training and support budget,   which is low compared to the competitor’s spending.
  It is expected that the vehicle will be bigger size with high hot buttons in period 9.
Also, it ’s important to make sure that theme change does not negatively impact 1E market.
  It is expected that the increase in profits and market share will continue for the next 4 years.
Hind and it is important to point our path from current period and in the future.    
because it is important to achieve the objectives of Alfa in the end of periods 9.    
Zohoy   It can be seen that our stock price continued to decrease.
According to the Table 3.2.1, it is predicted that the material cost and labour cost will increase in period 6,
  It is important to focus on corporate advertising to maintain    
and then      increase our preferences
  It is easy to link the red color for our passion and vision,    
Tutor Text 1 even if it is just because   they like the new colors.
Text 2 However projections indicate   it will be profitable in subsequent years.