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Table 2 Agent and Actor functions in excerpt 1

From: Exploiting the ‘non-dit’ and other discursive tactics in the New Caledonian independence debate: a pragma-functional approach to critical discourse analysis

Agents in effective material clauses: ‘les élections législatives prochaines’ (the upcoming legislative elections)
Actors in middle material clauses: ‘un accord’ (an agreement), ‘il (ce pays nouveau)’ (this new country), ‘nous’ (we), ‘trop d’alcool’ (too much alcohol), ‘on’ (we), ‘Trois Calédoniens sur quatre’ (Three Caledonians out of four), ‘Deux Calédoniens sur trois’ (Two Caledonians out of three), ‘les flux migratoires du Nord et des Îles vers le Sud’ (migration from the North and the Islands towards the South), ‘beaucoup’ (a lot), ‘la protection de l’environnement’ (the protection of the environment), ‘il (l’autre)’ (the other), ‘l’une et l’autre’ (both)
Sayer in verbal processes: ‘L’Accord de Nouméa’ (the Nouméa Agreement), ‘Trop d’exemples dans le monde d’hier’ (Too many examples from the past), ‘la Nouvelle-Calédonie’ (New Caledonia)
Experiencer in mental process: ‘Ce pays nouveau’ (This new country)
Goals of material processes: ‘cette citoyenneté’ (these citizens), ‘le racisme’ (the racism), ‘le projet de société’ (the society-building project)