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Table 2 Guiding criteria for compiling the database

From: A survey of studies in systemic functional language description and typology

No. Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
1 Studies that are placed within the context of systemic functional linguistics Related studies that are not explicitly placed within SFL (e.g. Halliday 1956, 1959; Hopper and Thompson 1980).
2 Studies that are on individual language description, contrastive analysis, cross-linguistic comparison or generalisation. Studies that applied SFL descriptions to discourse or text analysis (e.g. Lavid et al. 2013).
3 Studies that are publicly accessible such as journals articles, book chapters, dissertation and published conference proceedings. Materials that are not widely accessible such as conference presentations (and abstracts).
4 Contrastive analysis in the context of translation studies or other areas – (i.e. including linguistic description as a goal (e.g. Teich 2002). Applied studies using SFL descriptions to solve specific problems such as those of translation, language education and clinical contexts, computational linguistics (e.g. Matthiessen and Bateman 1991; Teruya 2009).
5 Studies on languages other than English or that contrast English with some other languages (e.g. Downing 1996; Lavid et al. 2010) Studies on English language only (e.g. Halliday & Matthiessen 2014)