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Table 1 Number of complex clauses and simple clauses of the six selected manuscripts

From: Construing the ecological perspective of the Tai Dam as seen in ‘Sen Huen’ ritual manuscripts

Text Shaman (source) Residence location Complex clauses Simple clauses
1 Mr. Suwan Dindaeng Huaythachang Sub-district, Thayang District, Phetchaburi province 88 202
2 Mr. Sombun Thongrop Donkha Sub-district, Bangphae District, Ratchaburi province 86 194
3 Mr. Samruay Canphong Huayyangthon Sub-district, Pak Thow District, Ratchaburi province 86 226
4 Mr. Chavalit Arayayutitham Donkhamin Sub-district, Kamphansseng District, Naknon Pathom province 95 210
5 Mr. Tham Rotcharuengphan Phaihuchang Sub-district, Banglen District, Naknon Pathom province 86 183
6 Mr. Kan Khaisasart Donmakue Sub-district, Uthong District, Suphan buri province 101 223
   Total 542 1,238