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Table 6 Clause complex analysis with cohesive chains of an excerpt from the TT2

From: Coherence in Hong Lou Meng and its English translations: an exploratory investigation

Clause ID Clause Logical relations
1 Lucky was, of course, the maid who had once turned back to look at Yu-cun when they were living at the house in Soochow.       
2 She could scarcely have foreseen at the time   α     
3 what singular good fortune that one glance would procure for her. β     
4 But she was destined to be doubly fortunate.       
5 She had not been with Yu-cun more than a year   1   α   
6 when she gave birth to a son;    x β   
7 and a mere six months later Yu-cun’s first wife died, x 2   α   
8 whereupon Lucky was promoted to fill her place    x β   1
9 and (subject-ellipsis) became Her Lady ship.      + 2