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Table 8 Clause complex and cohesive chain analysis of an excerpt

From: Coherence in Hong Lou Meng and its English translations: an exploratory investigation

Clause ID Clause Logical relations
ST_1_1 李纨 道:   1
Li Wan said
Li Wan said:
ST_1_2 “偏不许 去。 2
Won’t let you go
“I won’t let you go.   
ST_2_1 显见得 只有 凤丫头, x β
obviously only Feng
The only one matters to you is Feng,
ST_2_2 就不听了。” 我的   α
Don’t listen to my words
and you don’t listen to what I say.” [My translation]
TT2_1_1 ‘I won’t let you go!’ 1   
TT2_1_2 said Li Wan.   2   
TT2_2_1 ‘The only person you ever take any notice of is that precious Feng of yours;   1   
TT2_2_2 you think + 2   α
TT2_2_3 you don’t need to obey me;    β
TT2_2_4 but you shall.’    + 3