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Table 9 Manner quality meanings across structures in Patrick

From: Circumstantiation: taking a broader look at circumstantial meanings

Cl Circumstance Process Downranked circumstance
3   reflected upon (means thought carefully about)  
6.1    suddenly
8   highlights (means indicates prominently)  
10.1   need (means required necessarily)  
10.2   contends (asserts strongly)  
11   devoted (wholly concerned with) almost exclusively
12.1   argue (means reason strongly)  
12.2   need (means require necessarily)  
16.1   engaging (discussing analytically & argumentatively)  
16.2   surface (means arise significantly)  
17.1   pointed to (means indicated particularly)  
17.2   arguing (reasoning strongly)  
17.4 adequately   
18.1   criticized (means described unfavourably)
to concentrate (means exclusively focus on)
18.2   ignoring (means wilfully failing to consider)
centred (means principally concerned with)
19   examines (means scrutinises thoroughly)
prioritized (means arranged purposefully, i.e., in order of perceived importance)
20   criticized (means described unfavourably)  
22.1   loom (means appear very prominently)  
22.2   failed to interrogate (means did not question analytically)  
24.1   contend (means argue strongly)  
24.2   preoccupied [with identifying] (means focused exclusively on)  
24.3   condemning (means disapproving severely of)  
24.4   ignoring (means wilfully failing to consider)  
25.2   considering (means thinking carefully about)  
  1 25 2