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Table 11 Circumstantial meanings of Matter in Patrick (2011)

From: Circumstantiation: taking a broader look at circumstantial meanings

Cl Circumstance Downranked circumstance Qualifier
5.1    about the Moriori, Maori and Pakeha habitation of their islands
10.1    to do with a colonial context than with the aim of developing particular qualities and capacities in children through the medium of locally based lessons.
11    over the connections between knowledge and colonialism in New Zealand
14.2 (to) the compulsory state primary school system   
20   in relation to histories of colonialism  
21    on educational content
22.2    on what history education was ‘like’ in the past
23 in relation to the historiography of history education in Australia   
24.4    about producing political ideas or passing on a discrete quality of historical knowledge
Totals 2 1 6