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Table 12 Types of structures instantiating Cause: purpose meanings in Brooks et al. (2013)

From: Circumstantiation: taking a broader look at circumstantial meanings

Cl Enhancing clause Circumstance Downranked circumstance Qualifier Downranked Qualifier
2     for renewable energy applications [[to thrive]]  
4.2 for replacing hydrocarbons for mobile applications for mobile applications    
7.2    for transportation applications   
8.1 (In order) To illustrate,     
8.3     for mobile H2 use  
10.1   for this application    
11.1 11.1     for energy storage  
14.1   for storage    
16.1 (In order) To make use of     
18 for such a scheme   for the initial absorption of a photon   
19.2 for driving the Zn/air cell     
28.2    for eventual use as a solar fuel   as a solar fuel
29.3 (In order) to photoreduce     
29.5    for a solar fuel   
  6 3 4 3 1