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Table 1 Circumstantial meanings by ideational structure and semantic type

From: Circumstantiation: taking a broader look at circumstantial meanings

  Type of structure at lexicogrammatical stratum Circumstantial meaning
1. I was really hungry//when I ate dinner clause (hypotactic enhancing) Location: time
2. My birthday is tomorrow Participant (Token) Location: time
3. The letter is on the mantelpiece Participant (Attribute: Circumstance) Location: place
4. It’s really hot in here Circumstance Location: place
5. I sped home as fast as I could Process Manner: quality
6. The book on the table belongs to me Qualifier Location: place
7. A marked gap exists in the literature (1) on oral communication skills (2) in the accountancy workplace Qualifier within Qualifier 1. Matter
2. Location: place