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Table 1 Writing tasks that students accomplished

From: An exploratory study of ESL writing by junior secondary students in China: text type, register and textual features

Time Topic Details
11th Sep 2011 Learn to smile Advise others to smile
11th Oct 2011 A letter to Mike Write a letter to a friend, who is sick recently.
11th Nov 2011 Trip to Hangzhou Sharing your travelling experiences to Hangzhou with your friends.
11th Dec 2011 Steve Jobs Describe Steve Jobs and his life.
12th Jan 2012 Lifelong learning Discuss lifelong learning and how to practice it.
12th Feb 2012 An activity Share an interesting activity.
12th Mar 2012 A letter to Alice Write a letter to Alice and explain how to improve her relationship with her Mum.
8th Apr 2012 How to be a good learner? State your views on how to be a good learner.
9th May 2012 Micro blog Explore the advantages and disadvantages of micro blog. State your views on it.
10th Jun 2012 Charity sale Share the charity sale took place in your school.