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Table 1 Sample text: from ABC TV news reporting of 2003 invasion of Iraq

From: Ideology and the text-in-context relation

Studio Host 1 Tonight the war against Iraq begins with Baghdad under attack
Studio Host 2 President Bush promises to disarm Saddam and free the Iraqi people
George W. Bush “This will not be a campaign of half measures, and we will accept no outcome but victory”
Studio Host 1 Good evening. Welcome to a special edition of ABC news. The Second Gulf War has begun.
Studio Host 1 Just before dawn, Baghdad time, the air raid sirens went off as a series of explosions rocked the city.
Studio Host 2 This initial strike was limited. The main attack is expected within 12 to 24 h. Here’s [[how the day developed]]. Within 90 min of the deadline [[passing]] [[for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq]], American bombers attacked military targets around Baghdad.
Studio Host 1 President George W. Bush promised a broad and concerted campaign [[to disarm Iraq]]. Prime Minister John Howard said Australian FA-18 Hornets were already operating over Iraq. And in a televised speech Saddam Hussein accused the United States of crimes against humanity.