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Table 11 Sourcing in detailed reading lesson, upper primary

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  sp ad Role Sourcing Source Interact Act
1 Now the next sentence tells us that some people were awake, not all. T SS K1 Locate Text Invite anticipation
2 Remember they said, this was happening about 2 in the morning?     Remind Text Invite Knowledge
3 So most people would be asleep.     Recast Text Model Reasoning
4 But some people were awake,     Rephrase Text Impart Knowledge
  and they heard a sound that was a bit like a storm coming our way.        
5 OK?    tr    Check Reception
6 And as the earthquake got closer, the ground started to shake.    K1 Rephrase Text   
7 So that’s what will be talked about in this next sentence.     Locate Text Invite Anticipation
8 So if we have a look at that     Locate Text Invite Attention
  it says, ‘Those people who were awake heard a sound like distant thunder, and as the first ripples of the earthquake sped towards the city the ground beneath their feet started to shake.    Read Text