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Table 13 Sourcing in shared book reading lesson, early primary

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  sp ad Role Sourcing Source Interact Act
1 Long ago in a far away land lived a widow and her son Jack. T Ss K1 Read Text Impart Knowledge
2 What’s a widow? T Ss dK1 Enquire Learner Inquire Display
It looks like a lady to me.    K1 Compare Picture Invite Perception
What’s a widow?    dK1 Enquire Learner Inquire Display
[hands up] Ss   A1    Invite Evaluation
Rhianna? T S1 A2    Permit Display
An old woman S1   K2 Infer Learner Display Reasoning
Well she doesn’t look too old. T S1 K1 Locate Picture Qualify Reasoning