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Table 14 Shared book reading continued

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

3 Is there a daddy there? T Ss dK1 Locate Picture Invite Perception
No. Ss   K2    Display Perception
4 What do you think has happened to the daddy? T Ss dK1 Enquire learner Invite Reasoning
Looks like… a cow S2   K2 Compare Picture Display Perception
David? T S2 cl    Permit Display
It’s it’s it’s a little cow. S2   rcl Llocate Picture Display Perception
No no. T S2 K1    Reject Perception
5 When there’s a widow, something’s happened to daddy. T Ss dK1 New Teacher Invite Reasoning
He died? Miss, he died? S3   K2 Infer Learner Display Reasoning
Yes that’s right T S3 K1    Approve Reasoning
6 A widow means that her husband has died T Ss K1 New Teacher Impart Knowledge