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Table 18 Preparation and dialogic elaboration in detailed reading lesson

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  Role sp ad Phase Matter Sourcing Source Interact Act
1 Now, what was it they heard? dK1 T SS Focus Thing Locate Text Inquire Perception
It says those who were awake heard. K1    Prepare Activity Locate Text Invite Attention
Heard what? dK1    Focus Thing Locate Text Inquire Perception
[hands up] dA1 SS       Invite Evaluation
William? A2 T S4      Permit Display
A sound like distant thunder? K2 S4   Identify Word gp Read Text Display Perception
Fantastic, K1 T S4 Evaluate Affirm    Praise Perception
So let’s highlight sound like distant thunder. A2   SS Elaborate Word gp Restate Text Invite Activity
[highlight] A1 SS     Mark Text Present Knowledge
Brilliant. K1f   S4 Evaluate Affirm