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Table 19 Detailed reading lesson continued

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

2 Now we’ve got there that the sound was like distant thunder. K1 T SS Prepare Attribute Rephrase Text Invite Perception
Can anyone tell me what they call that,
just before we move on,
dK1    Focus Metalg Enquire Learner Invite Display
when something is said to be like something else?       Remind Lesson   
[hands up] A1 SS       Invite Evaluation
[points to student] A2 T S5      Permit Display
A simile? K2 S5   Propose Metalg Recall Learner Display Knowledge
A simile. Right fantastic, K1 T S5 Evaluate Affirm    Praise Knowledge
So they’re saying the sound is like thunder. K1   SS Elaborate Metalg Rephrase Text Invite Conception
It isn’t the thunder, but it’s like thunder.       Recast Text Present Knowledge
OK? tr        Check Conception
So we’ve talked about similes before. K1f      Remind Lesson Invite Knowledge