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Table 20 Cycle phases in biology lecture

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  Role sp Phase Matter Sourcing Source Interact Act
1 So the microcirculation of the kidney is unusual in that there are two capillary beds. K1 T Prepare Attribute New Teacher Invite Engagement
2 Let’s look at this first one. dK1 T Focus Part Locate image Invite Perception
3 The first one has – like all capillaries – an afferent arteriole. K1   Perceive Attribute Restate lesson   
4 And here is the capillary bed,    Perceive Part Locate Image   
which is called the glomerulus.    Receive Name New Teacher Impart Knowledge
5 It’s called the glomerulus because        Invite Reasoning
it looks like a ball of wool, or a ball of twine.    Perceive Part Compare Image Direct Perception
6 But here’s the first thing, which is the unique thing about this capillary bed.    Elaborate Attribute    Invite Engagement
7 It doesn’t drain into a little vein – a venule. It drains into another arteriole.      New Teacher Impart Knowledge