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Table 22 Perceive and receive tasks in secondary maths lesson

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  Role Phase Matter Sourcing Source Interact Act
5 Since this is a trigonometry question we’re going to dK1 Prepare Step Classify Text Direct Activity
write down all the trig ratios related to the question.     New Teacher Impart Knowledge
[Point to diagram]     Point Image   
6 We’ll write down sine theta, cos theta and tan theta. dK1    Restate Lesson Direct Activity
[lists on fingers]
7 So looking from the sine of theta, K1 Focus Expression Restate Move Direct Perception
[Sin ø =]   Perceive Expression Write Expression   
sine theta is equal to   Receive Expression Rephrase Expression Impart Knowledge
[points to diagram]   Perceive Part Point Image Direct Attention
opposite   Receive Expression Restate lesson Iimpart Knowledge
[points to opposite line]   Perceive part Point Image Direct Attention
divided by hypoteneuse.   Receive Expression Restate Lesson   
[points to hypoteneuse]   Perceive Part Point Image Direct Attention
8 Therefore MN K1 Receive Expression Read Label Model Reasoning
[Sin ø = MN]   Perceive Expression Write Expression   
divided by   Receive Expression Rephrase Expression   
[points to hypoteneuse]   Perceive Part Point Image Invite Attention
hypoteneuse   Receive Expression Restate Lesson   
[Sin ø = MN/9.2]   Perceive Expression Write Expression   
which is 9.2.   Receive Expression Rephrase label