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Table 5 Negotiating behaviour in youth justice conference

From: Pedagogic register analysis: mapping choices in teaching and learning

  Role sp Interact Act
Did you say anything to him [shaking head] when you found out that it was his phone? dK1 C Inquire Behaviour
[shakes head] Nah. K2 YP Demur Behaviour
So you didn’t say sorry to him? [shaking head] cl C Check Behaviour
(Nah), I said sorry and he goes “you don’t have to say sorry, it wasn’t you that did it”. rcl YP Display Behaviour
Right. [half nodding] OK. K1 C Approve Display
Hey? So you’ve apologised to Jxxx already. dK1 C Inquire Behaviour
Yeah. K2 YP Concur Behaviour
OK. K1 C Approve Behaviour