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Table 1 Lexicogrammatical and intonation analysis of clauses 1–4

From: The semiotic sense of context vs the material sense of context

1 someone sure is hungry
Carrier   Proc: Relational Attribute
Subject Mood Adjunct (intensity) Finite Complement
Theme Rheme
// 53 Someone /sure is /hungry //
2 hey Monroe how [are] you doing
   Circumstance (manner) [proc] Actor Proc: Material
  Vocative Adjunct [Finite] Subject Predicator
Theme (textual) Theme (interpersonal) (vocative) Theme (topical) Rheme
//13 Hey Mon/roe // //1 how you /doing//
3 don’t they feed you at home
Proc: Material Actor Proc: Material (cont…) Goal Cir: Location
Finite + mood Adjunct (neg) Subject Predicator Complement Adjunct
Theme (interpersonal) Theme (topical) Rheme
//2 Don’t they /feed you at /home//
4 I skipped breakfast
Actor Proc: Material Goal
Subject Finite/Predicator Complement
Theme Rheme
// 1 ʌ I /skipped /breakfast//
  1. Square brackets indicate ellipted items; Underlined syllables are tonic syllables as per the SFL system of intonation (see endnote 2 for more details on intonation analysis in SFL and notation conventions). See Halliday and Matthiessen 2014 for details on SFL lexicogrammatical analyses