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Table 2 Lexicogrammatical and intonation analysis of the second part of the talk between Ben and Monroe (Clauses 5–19)

From: The semiotic sense of context vs the material sense of context

5 My mum’s boyfriend took over the kitchen
Actor Proc: Material Goal
Subject Finite/Pred Complement
Theme (topical) Rheme
//1 ʌ my /mum’s /boyfriend // 1 ʌ took /over the /kitchen//
6 and I walked out in protest
  Actor Proc: Material Circ: Manner
  Subject Finite/Pred Adjunct
Theme (textual) Theme (topical) Rheme
//1ʌ and I /walked /out in // 1 protest//
7 Well I could have told you that was gonna [going to] happen
  Sayer Proc: Verbal Receiver Verbiage
  Subject Finite (modal) Predicator Complement  
Theme (textual) Theme (topical) Rheme
//53 ʌ well I /could have /told you /that was /gonna /happen//
8 [that] that was gonna [going to] happen
  Actor Proc: Material
  Subject Finite Predicator
  Theme (topical) Rheme
9 [it] always does
Proc: Actor   Proc: Material
Subject Mood Adjunct: usuality Finite
Theme Rheme
  //5 always /does//
10 first thing they do is take over the bathroom and the kitchen
Token Proc: Relational Value
Subject Finite Complement
Theme Rheme
// 1 first thing they /do is /take over the //1 bathroom and the /kitchen//
11 then [they take over] the sofa and the tv
Circum: temporal [Actor] [Proc: Material] Goal
Adjunct [Subject] [Finite] Complement
Theme (topical) Rheme
//1+ ʌ then the /sofa and the /teevee//
12 my advice to you is to get rid of this guy immediately
Token Proc: Relational Value Cir: temporal
Subject Finite Complement Adjunct
Theme Rheme
//1my ad/vice to /you is to /get /rid of this /guy// 1 ʌ im/mediately//
13 it ‘s gonna be pretty hard
Carrier Proc: Relational Attribute
Subject Finite Predicator Complement
Theme Rheme
//1 ʌ it’s /gonna be /pretty /hard//
14 My mum ‘s trapped in this huge love bubble
Carrier Proc: Relational (Attributive) Cir: location
Subject Finite Predicator Adjunct
Theme Rheme
//5 ʌ my /mum’s /trapped in this /huge /love /bubble//
15 She ‘s not thinking clearly
Senser Proc: Mental Cir: Manner
Subject Finite Predicator Adjunct
Theme Rheme
//1 ʌ she’s /not /thinking /clearly//
16 I ‘m telling you man
Sayer Proc: verbal Receiver
Subject Finite Predicator Complement Vocative
Theme Rheme
//13 ʌ I’m /telling you /man//
17 whatever you do
Goal Actor Proc: Material
Complement Subject Finite
Theme Rheme
//3 ʌ what/ever you /do//
18 you ‘d better do it soon
Actor Proc: Material Goal Cir: temporal
Subject Finite(modal) Predicator Complement Adjunct
Theme Rheme
// 1 ʌ you’d /better /do it /soon//
19 ‘cos [because] it ‘s my own personal experience that the longer a mum lives with a guy the harder it is to get rid of them
  Value Proc: Relat Token Value cont…
  Subject Finite Complement Subject cont…
Theme (textual) Theme (topical)    
Theme Rheme
//3 cos it’s my /own /personal ex/perience // 3 ʌ that the /longer a /mum /lives with a /guy // 5 ʌ the /harder it /is to get /rid of them//
  1. Square brackets indicate ellipted or reduced items; Underlined syllables are tonic syllables as per the SFL system of intonation (see endnote 2 for more details on intonation analysis in SFL and notation conventions). See Halliday and Matthiessen 2014 for details on SFL lexicogrammatical analyses