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Table 4 Circumstances in the CG transitivity system

From: Putting transitivity to the test: a review of the Sydney and Cardiff models

Type Subtype Example
Experiential Time position right now
Duration for several hours
Repetition 15 times
Reduplication again and again
Periodic Frequency once a month
Regularly repeated time position every year
Regularly repeated duration about an hour each night
Usuality always
Ordinative the first time
Inferential time position still
Circumstances for specific processes
 Action Body part (He shoved his finger) into my vagina
Material (made) out of metal
Physical cause from internal haemorrhaging
 Mental emotion Degree very much
 Relational possessive Exchange for £10
Occasion for lunch
 Relational directional Direction north
Distance for a mile
Process manner brutally
 Usually appear with an Agent Manner very carefully
Method through conversation
Instrument by telephone
Role as a scientist
Intentionality accidentally
Client She read her a story
Pleasee We did the shopping for him
Substituted instead of her husband
 Others Place at the scene
Accompaniment He was meeting with him
Concurrent state Feeling uneasy, we turned
Subsequent state She hung up, feeling much happier
Participant specification Besides the friends
Substituted situation instead of bringing one from the 31st
Proportion What is orthodox today may change with time
Dimension Over time, these have both adapted
Respect as for […]