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Table 12 Categories of Attributes, absolute numbers, relative frequencies and examples

From: Advanced cancer patients’ construction of self during oncology consultations: a transitivity concordance analysis

Attribute Frequency % Instance
Pain/symptoms/side-effects 322 30.38 I was just exhausted.
Health state 178 16.79 But I’m fine, I’m going daily.
Subjective sensations of cognition, emotion and desideration 176 16.60 And I was very pleased with that flow of urine.
Medication, medical procedure, diet and support 95 8.96 Yeah, well I’ve still got the patches.
General (related to patient’s social and personal life) 77 7.26 … we’re in the middle of moving houses.
Place and time 62 5.85 Well, I had six weeks to compile it.
Semiotic object (script, appointment, results) 60 5.66 We didn’t have the result.
Treatment 28 2.64 … it didn’t seem worth it until I got rid of the radiation.
Cancer 13 1.23 I’ve still got 12 lesions.
Carer, family 10 0.94 It’s a shame because I’ve got this bloomin’ girl doing year 12.
Material 9 0.85 We’re all going to die and we have no control over it.
Stage of illness 9 0.85 We’re not at that point?
Body/bodily function 8 0.75 I’ve never had big breasts.
Time (prognosis) 5 0.47 … do you think I have another couple of Christmases?
Healthcare personnel 4 0.38 I already have one (an endocrinologist).
Death 2 0.19 Maybe another year maybe before we’re history, before we pass on.
Insurance cover 2 0.19 Oh look I’ve got the really basic NIB.
Total 1060 99.99a  
  1. aPercentages does not add up to 100% due to rounding