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Table 2 Categories of inanimate Goals, absolute numbers, relative frequencies and examples

From: Advanced cancer patients’ construction of self during oncology consultations: a transitivity concordance analysis

The second participant Frequency % Instance
Medication. Food, Equipment, Medical procedures 357 55.7 I sometimes get a sore patch in there and I put some Kenalog on it.
Semiotic object (including 8 instances of ACD) 106 16.5 I’ve sent these photos to Paul. I said, “What do you think?” He hasn’t answered me back.
Entities from the patient’s life outside illness 59 9.2 I still do (work) two and a half days and I was wondering if I’ll extend it to three and a half days if and when we get an all clear today.
Bodily objects, Pain, Side-effects, Symptoms 59 9.2 So I’ve started that and so I’m, I’m sort of getting on top of you know the bowels.
Treatment 44 6.9 We knocked the last lot of chemo on the head.
Objects in the Material Situational Setting 8 1.2 Yeah, I don’t want to take my shoes off.
Cancer 4 0.6 So we’re going, we’re going to attack that (the primary) by just more chemo.
Help 2 0.3 … because I’m getting government subsidies.
Time 2 0.3 No it’s okay no I, I’ve accepted this and time you know I don’t have to wait round for particular family things that are important that I, I just manage it as best I can.
Total 641 99.9a  
  1. aPercentage does not add up to 100% due to rounding