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Table 3 Categories of Actors acting on the patients, absolute numbers, relative frequencies and examples

From: Advanced cancer patients’ construction of self during oncology consultations: a transitivity concordance analysis

Actor Frequency % Instance
Healthcare personnel (doctors, nurses, secretary …) 37 37.0 Would you then rotate me to another chemo? Yeah. Will
Carer, family and friend 17 17.0 [Carer] can look after me.
Actor not mentioned 10 10.0 I thought I was booked for Saturday.
Medication 10 10.0 they block me up.
Pain, symptoms and side-effects 7 7.0 it wakes me.
Treatment 4 4.0 The chemo has knocked me rotten.
Actors related to patient’s social life 4 4.0 It (the trolley) threw me on the road backwards.
Governmental Actors 3 3.0 … because they want to move me out you know.
Conversation 2 2.0 I’m less confronted by it than I was in my first or second week herea.
Insurance 2 2.0 My insurance covers meb.
Cancer 1 1.0 I knew from 12 that cancer was going to take me.
Medical device 1 1.0 Because it (the portacath) didn’t give me pain I’m not going to worry.
Medical procedure 1 1.0 (A transfusion may help) boost me up a bit for a while?
Past experiences 1 1.0 But I think it prepared me a lot for life.
Total 100 100.0  
  1. aConfront in this example may be ‘mental’
  2. bCover in this example may be ‘relational’, ‘identifying’ and ‘circumstantial’