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Table 4 Categories of animate Goals, absolute numbers, relative frequencies and examples

From: Advanced cancer patients’ construction of self during oncology consultations: a transitivity concordance analysis

The second participant Frequency % Instance
Patient’s family and friends Carer 3 10.35 I’ll make sure I can bring [carer’s name] next time …
Other family/friends 9 31.00 I was supposed to pick people up …
Surrogate decision-maker 3 10.35 We’re going to have a night this week when we sit down and go through the advance care directives and discuss which ones going to be the main that I put down or whether I put, can put both of them down…
Patient 10 34.50 ... and then after five days I put myself back on the Warfarin.
Oncologist, Healthcare Personnel 4 13.80 … and then I cancelled them (the nurses)
Total 29 100.00