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Table 6 Categories of Phenomena, absolute numbers, relative frequencies and examples

From: Advanced cancer patients’ construction of self during oncology consultations: a transitivity concordance analysis

Phenomenon Frequency % Example
Semiotic object 106 31.8 I realise that (that the oncologist is obliged to tell the patient about all the possible side-effects) now but …
Pain/symptoms/side-effects 64 19.2 the bleeding and the clots I could put up with that but …
Medication, Medical procedures (tests, scans …) 58 17.4 I need some relief for my eyes …
Medical people and places 22 6.6 … because I know James well.b
Phenomena related to the patient’s life 20 6.0 And I’ve also planned a big party
Treatment 15 4.5 I’d rather prefer the full dose.
Cancer 11 3.3 On my skull, I can [find lumps] …
Body related entities 10 3.0 I want a new body.
Food 10 3.0 I’m wanting tasty things
Support 10 3.0 I don’t like the nursing home.
Time, prognosis and future 7 2.1 I’m still looking to the future.
Total 333 99.9a  
  1. aPercentage does not add up to 100% due to rounding
  2. bPseudonym