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Table 5 Logico-semantic categories available for parataxis and hypotaxis in Danish (after Andersen and Holsting, 2015: 279–287)

From: Clause complexing in systemic functional lingustics – towards an alternative description

  Coordinating conjunction Subordinating conjunction
Elaboration dvs. (abbreviation for det vil sige) (‘i.e.’, ‘that is’) (relative clause; no subordinating conjunction available)
Extension additive og (‘and’) ligesom (‘like’; not available as sub in English)
alternative eller (‘or’); enten – eller (‘either – or’)  
adversative men (‘but’) hvorimod (‘whereas’), mens (‘while’)
Enhancement causal for, thi (‘because’ as coordinating conjunction) eftersom, idet, da, siden (‘since’, ‘inasmuch as’)
consecutive (‘so’ as coordinating conjunction) (‘so’ as subordinating conjunction), sådan at, således at (‘so that)
concessive   selvom (‘athough’)
alternative condition   uanset om/at (‘no matter if/that’), hvad end, hvad enten – eller (‘irrespective of whether’)