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Table 2 The relationships between Carrie as an Actor and parts of her body as Goals

From: Femininity and female sexual desires in “The Lang Women”: an analysis using Halliday’s theory on transitivity

  Clauses Actor & Goal relationship
LW20c and she would lift her fringe Carrie affects her fringe
LW20d and ^she ^ would study her face without it Carrie affects her face
LW20e and ^she ^ would lift her hair from her ears Carrie affects her hair
LW20g then ^she ^ would take her hands away Carrie affects her hands
LW20h and ^she ^ would swing her head … Carrie affects her head
LW21a She would place a hand on her hip, Carrie affects a hand
LW21b ^she ^ would dent a knee forward, Carrie affects a knee
LW21c ^she ^ would throw her shoulders back Carrie affects her shoulders