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Table 3 Information on the texts and the reference corpora

From: DEGREE OF INTENSITY in English-Chinese translation: a corpus-based approach

  Data used No. of word tokens Year
Wild Swans-ST All chapters 220,399 1991
Wild Swans-TT All chapters 199,493a 1992
Mao’s Last Dancer-ST Chapters 6–22 79,503 2003
Mao’s Last Dancer-TT Chapters 6–22 77,254a 2009
FLOB All categories 1,000,000 1991
Category G (Belles-lettres, biographies, essays) 178,764
LCMC All categories 1,000,000 1991 ± 2
Category G (biographies, essays) 129,746
  1. a As there are no spaces marking word boundaries in naturally-occurring Chinese texts, the word counts of the two TTs are estimated based on McEnery and Xiao’s (2003–2008) guideline of a ratio of 1:1.6 of words to characters. In comparison, LCMC is artificially segmented for word boundaries.