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Table 1 Functions of projection in relation to field of activities

From: Taking stock of accumulated knowledge in projection studies from Systemic Functional Linguistics: a research synthesis

field of activitiesfunctions of projectionmanifestations in focus
expoundingnegotiation of discursive distance, constructing relationship between research fields as projection, showing writing’s attitude and identity, …logical projection, interpersonal projection, impersonal projection, verbal process (e.g. De Oliveira and Pagano 2006; Thompson and Ye 1991)
reportingmanipulating the style of reports, showing reporter’s attitude, …logical projection, verbal process (e.g. Hao and Li 2015; Sellami-Baklouti 2012s)
recreatingconstructing personalities and mental world of the characterslogical projection, verbal process, explicit and implicit quotes, angles (e.g. Ding and Shu 2013; Matthiessen and Teruya 2013)
doingrich interpersonal meaning such as showing sincere or objective mannerlogical and interpersonal projection as extended theme (Siahaan 2013)
sharingn/alogical projection (Nesbitt and Plum 1988)